We breed Tollers since 1999. The Rhineferry Tales kennel started in 1997 with all the necessary preparations. Orenda had her first litter in june 1999. Since we lived near the ferry and the Rhine in Culemborg in Holland our name was easily found. In 2001 we moved to Vianen, different house, different town, but also near the ferry and the Rhine.

  We breed according to the breedingcode of the Dutch Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Club Nederland. Our dogs are tested for hipdysplasia, their eyes are tested and we have them Optigen-tested for the disease PRA. We do our utmost best to make just combinations. Apart from the tests we research bloodlines. Our aim in breeding is to breed a healthy dog with a soft, active and a bit naughty character. We believe outcrossbreeding helps to keep our dogs healthy. We also believe that it is very important to do a charactertest when the puppies are 7 weeks old in order to make sure that pup and his new owner match together. We have invested in knowledge about dogs in general by doing examens of the Kennelclub: KK1 en KK2 and the Exterior and Movement of Dogs exam of the Kennel Club.